Your patient journey

Professor Fischer is with you every step of the way.

Coming into hospital can be a daunting experience, especially for something as delicate as ophthalmology treatment. However, you can rest assured that Professor Fischer and his team of healthcare professionals are all dedicated to your comfort, confidence and providing highly satisfactory patient experience.

Here we explain the step by step journey of a typical patient.

Booking your appointment

To begin your journey with us, you can call or email our team to book an initial consultation, or ask any questions you may have ahead of booking. You’ll speak to one of our professional and caring team who will give you all of the information you need.

Our phone lines are available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, and we’ll always respond to emails within one working day.

Your initial consultation

Initial consultations are usually available within two weeks, often within one week. When you book an initial consultation, you’ll be seen directly by Professor Fischer.

Professor Fischer runs his practice from The Nuffield Health Oxford, The Manor Hospital, a comfortable and modern private setting with free parking, a welcoming reception area and inviting air-conditioned lounge with free drinks for your refreshment.

The hospital team is dedicated to excellent customer service and the highest levels of care. Their aim is to make you feel welcome, relaxed and at ease throughout your experience.

You’ll be greeted by Professor Fischer and shown to the consulting room, where you’ll discuss your symptoms & medical history. Professor Fischer will give you ample time to tell your story and ask any questions you have. Next will likely be a physical assessment of your eye, and any immediate diagnostic tools available within the consulting room.

Diagnostic scans and tests

Professor Fischer will use the latest top of the line diagnostic equipment to carry out a thorough assessment of your eye for a highly accurate diagnosis.

All of your diagnostics will be carried out by Professor Fischer himself, and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the results both in real-time and after a comprehensive review of the findings.

There might be additional tests required, such as blood tests. These will be arranged immediately following your consultation, and you’ll be invited back for a follow-up discussion to talk through all of your results.

Your personalised treatment plan

Once Professor Fischer has carried out the necessary diagnostics, he’ll share his recommendations for the next steps and produce a bespoke treatment plan in collaboration with you, taking into account your personal, lifestyle and professional needs.

Professor Fischer operates every week, so you’ll be able to choose a surgery date that works for you.

Surgery and hospital stay

If you’re going ahead with surgery, Professor Fischer will take the time to thoroughly explain to you what to expect, and give you time to ask questions and raise any concerns or discuss any considerations you might have. The hospital team will send you all of the practical details you need ahead of coming in.

Professor Fischer will adjust to your individual needs and aim to make your experience as convenient and comfortable as possible. You’ll have ample opportunity to talk to Professor Fischer ahead of and after your operation.

Most eye surgery is known as day-case, which means you’ll be able to come in and go home on the same day.

Recovery and aftercare

You’ll be taken care of by the very best team, all committed to providing you with an outstanding patient experience, both clinically and as a guest in our hospital.

When the nursing team is confident you’re able to return home safely, you’ll be discharged with everything you need for a comfortable recovery.

You’ll be provided with information, contact details and medication to take home with you. For eye surgery, it’s important to have someone with you at home for a while to help you around the house.

Follow-up appointments

You’ll be invited back to the hospital for a post-op follow up appointment with Professor Fischer who will check your recovery and talk through how you’re feeling after your procedure. Once you’re both confident that you’ve fully recovered and are fully enjoying the benefits of treatment, you’ll be discharged and free to enjoy your new eye health!

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